Sony Discontinues PlayStation Vita Portable Console

Sony Discontinues PlayStation Vita Portable Console


PlayStation Vita was one of the most popular portable gaming consoles from Sony after PSP consoles. But, the end for PlayStation Vita is here as the company has officially discontinued the support and production of these consoles. The company has discontinued the last two models of the Vita Consoles effective from today. PlayStation Vita made its first appearance in 2011 in Japan, but the timing was wrong because all of the gamers were playing games on their smartphones. Due to this reason, the PlayStation Vita never became the name in gamers community.

PlayStation Vita was popular amongst the small gaming community. The sales were not the strength of this device as only 16.1 million total units were sold of this console worldwide due to the increased use of smartphones and the availability of high-end games. In terms of popularity, the device was nowhere near to the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Switch, two of the best portable gaming consoles ever made. The company has already ceased the production of Physical game cards for PlayStation devices and also the PS plus benefits. With this move, the output will stop with immediate effect. So, the gamers will have to get their hands on the remaining units in the stores or check online marketplaces for used models.

It is one of the embarrassing failures for Sony, but the strong sales figures of the PlayStation Four consoles is the strong point for the company. Recently, the management switch at the Sony Entertainment, which handles the PlayStation and gaming division took place, in which the Vice President and President Switched places. As of now, Sony is taking decisions to improve the PlayStation lineup and get rid of the older and failed products to make way for a new product that might be the hit and provide expected sales figures for the company.

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