Amazon Steps Forward in Smart Home Market by purchasing Eero

Amazon Steps Forward in Smart Home Market by purchasing Eero


Amazon has previously unrolled smart devices like Alexa, the virtual assistant, enhanced with some functions. The company is about to extend its existing range of smart home products. Amazon just announced it aims to buy Eero, a home mesh-router startup company. The company says Eero will introduce some new ways to connect smart home devices. If Amazon regulates the router technology, then it will be easy to set up Alexa-compatible devices for the company. There’s no mystery behind the purchase. Amazon wants to unveil a WiFi system that will allow users to connect all smart gadgets easily.

Dave Limp, Amazon’s SVP of devices, said the company is hugely impressed with the Euro team about their invention. Besides, Eero engineers developed a Wi-Fi solution that makes connected devices just work. In addition to this, Eero launched a wave smart mesh router setups to solve the issues present in traditional routers. There are many issues in existing router technology including coverage problems and dead zones. The Eero system works efficiently in those problems and offers overall control with a built-in smartphone app. Many tech giants like Google, Netgear, and Samsung discovered their own mesh rolls by following Eero.

So Amazon would probably offer Eero’s mesh network built-in into its smart devices. Another possibility is, the upcoming Eero’s may have microphones assembled into them. Eero provides a paid service worth $99 per year. Amazon would create a separate unit for Eero. In the upcoming months, the company may offer Amazon Prime subscription with Eero. The tech giant discloses no financial terms and details concerning the deal. Let’s hope the deal will not affect the functioning of Eero. It will also continue to bestow improved and innovative mesh systems. All in all, Amazon could become an all-in-one company that deals in both smart home devices and the routers.

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