Google Starts Testing New AR Mode with Selected Google Maps Users

Google Starts Testing New AR Mode with Selected Google Maps Users


Google gave a brief look of a new augmented reality feature at its last year’s I/O developer’s conference. This new feature for Google Maps uses the phone’s camera in real time. The new feature has made navigating strange and busy cities on foot much more comfortable than earlier days. The existing technology is not perfect. Google Map app displays a user’s location by using a blue dot. But it may vary from the actual location of the user because of the GPS system. Due to a large and tall mesh of buildings obstructs the GPS. The widespread metal surroundings prevent compass from displaying precise direction.

Today, the tech giant launched its latest navigation, an AR navigation system. The company calls the global system localization, which is a type of on-foot navigation technology. The system assists the user to orient themselves while following the walking map. It also helps to solve some common difficulties that people usually face in crowded and big cities. All in all, the feature exactly matches the one previewed for developers in the conference. The new augmented reality (AR) mode, requires a user to hold up their phone. At the same time, the app uses the phone’s camera to scan the surroundings. Consequently, the app compares buildings and landmarks with the data available in Google’s Street View data.

The system uses GPS to pinpoint a user’s rough location. The AR mode will then locate the exact location and float arrows to show the correct direction. It also displays street names floating on the screen. The app uses Visual Positioning Service (GPS) along with a GPS. The result is a fantastic feature that helps users in navigation whenever they are confused. The feature is in alpha mode, i.e., in initial stages, and Google still has some twists to work. The company said that presently, the feature is only available to a small group of people, Local Guides. Those people use the app and contribute their feedback towards Google. The company has not disclosed any date when the app will be commonly accessible.

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