CDC Warns of Illness Resulting from A Bacteria Present in Raw Milk

CDC Warns of Illness Resulting from A Bacteria Present in Raw Milk


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning people about contaminated raw milk. Health officials are notifying probable exposure of a harmful bacteria from raw milk at a farm in Pennsylvania’s Amish county. The CDC also announced that 19 states purchased and consumed raw milk. As per the health agency, Miller’s Biodiversity Farm, Quarryville, Pennsylvania, delivered the unpasteurized milk that contains the drug-resistant strain. The post on the agency’s website reveals that raw milk and milk products are processed to kill disease-causing bacteria and germs. The procedure to heat milk at a specific temperature for a particular period of time is called pasteurization.

The federal and state officials are inquiring about an epidemic of raw milk infected with Brucella. The bacteria lie in the drug-resistant category and lead to severe health disorders like arthritis and heart-related issues. The harmful bacteria may result in miscarriage in pregnant women. The CDC recommends people to throw away raw milk and its products belonging to the biodiversity farm. The health agency also stated that the people who consumed the company’s products since January 2016 are under risk. Such people should immediately consult their doctor.

Although, the infection can hit up to six months after exposure. In short, people who consumed raw milk and its products within that period should not neglect health problems. The symptoms include fever, loss of appetite, muscle pain, fatigue, and joint pain. Many times, the initial signs of the strain look like flu symptoms. Thus it is difficult to differentiate between indications which makes it tricky to diagnose. According to the CDC, the consumption of raw milk carrying Brucella can cause brucellosis. Despite that many people prefer raw milk to get more organic and unprocessed foods. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns people, citing food-borne illness caused by consumption of raw milk. The health agency is still investigating the Brucella, RB51 strain, and it is resistant to first-line drug therapy.

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